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Thank you for your live reading on IG today. Everything you said, I mean EVERYTHING you said was amazing and spot on!

~ Lilly C

“I went into this experience with no expectations because of it being my first. I was completely blown away of the information that was provided to me and how everything I was told made a connection to my life. Keira was so kind and professional and I would recommend her to do a reading for anyone.”

~ Tracy Hoppkins

“Thank you for your live reading today! I have never been a part of anything like that before and it was meant to be. I landed on your live readings today. You brought through my twin (I am his sister). I have been praying and asking for contact for weeks. It was absolutely amazing, EVERY SINGLE THING you said was spot on! He did AMAZING!!!”

~ Anonymous

“When I found Keira, I immediately felt a connection with her! We finally had a group mediumship reading & I could get emotional writing this. The things she could see & tell us, the “little things” that only we knew about- brought us all to tears, like our loved ones were right there with us! Messages came forward that we all individually needed to hear! My face was swollen for days because I kept crying thinking of things said to us. Things she could have never known!! There are a lot of fake mediums & psychics out there, but without a doubt- Keira truly absolutely has that gift & I’m so glad that she’s using it to share with others! If you’re debating who to see- this is your person right here! My soul loves her so much!!”

~ Anonymous

“I had no real expectations when I went in and was floored by her incite into my life with really little to no information given. There were past events that where brought up that no one in my life knew about. I found out that my grandma is still with me and at peace in heaven. In a world where nothing is certain Keira shined a light in my life where there was none. She was amazing and compassionate; and would recommend a reading from her to anyone.”

~ Nadine Driver

“I have been following Keira on TikTok and I felt a connection to her. I just had my first reading ever. She did an amazing job! She was right on point with everything. She helped me with some things I need to hear. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very professional and super sweet!”

~ Jessica Matthews

“Hi, I was on your live and wow it’s insane how much you got right in my life. I wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I stil can’t believe the things you brought through.”

~ Anonymous

“I participated in the Connecting with a loved one class and it was amazing! Keira taught us a few ways to deeply meditate in order to connect . I now have 2 ways to communicate with my husband who passed 6 months ago on another level! I look forward to more of her classes! Thank you so much Keira for sharing your gift!!”

~ Molly Chambers

“Thank you Keira! The group was telling me this was the greatest gift they’ve gotten! We love you!!”

~ Mary Guy

“I had my first reading with Keira yesterday & let me tell you she was spot on . She read my cards for me first then asked me to ask my question . Well the cards she pulled had already answered my question before I had even asked . I have been looking for my “ go to person “ and I have found her . I was immediately comfortable with her and so drawn to her energy . I can’t wait to book another reading with her ! Thank you so much Keira , you are an amazing soul and made me feel so comfortable and safe with my personal business. Again , thank you !”

~ Cerena Houston

“My session with Keira was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Using spirit photos and EVP she helped me actually hear messages from my son and see his sweet face. He told me that he loves me and that he could play where he is. I feel so much comfort from this experience, comfort that I haven’t felt in over a year. Keira has the most welcoming and down to earth personality and the second I met her I felt an instant connection and knew the experience would be filled with positivity. She wants to help others with her gift and I cannot wait for my next experience. I cannot recommend her enough. ❤”

~ Ashley Macdonald

“This woman is incredible. I reached out to her, not telling her really any information and the things she had to say were incredible. Loss is incredibly painful. She got EXACT memories. She really gave me hope that not only my loved one is at peace, but with me everyday. Keira is truly doing God’s work (if you may). She has honestly touched my heart. I trust Keira to be ethical, honest, and incredibly gifted. I will be recommending. Thank you for giving us something to hold onto. Thank you for extending yourself to help those who need your guidance. Thank you for making my grief easier to bear.”

~ Victoria M.

“Both Keira’s approach and demeanour comes across as kind and compassionate, which is great when in a reading. Her ability to pick up on both the other side and psychic insights into your life is unparalleled, she described both myself and my life perfectly.”

~ Lauren Karrigan

“Keira , I cannot thank you enough this has been the best reading I have ever had ❤️ Keira was spot on and knew so much that no one could possibly know except my passed loved ones just so amazing just incredible I feel so blessed to have you read for me !! the messages I received meant so much and I thank you from the bottom of my heart 💓 You are so beautiful to share your precious gift and I cannot wait to book in with you in the future.”

~ Anonymous

“Keira stepped in to help me when I really, really needed someone. She was compassionate yet direct and sincere. It’s hard sometimes to find a psychic medium that’s trustworthy and that you connect with; I am happy to have found Keira and her warmth touched my heart. I trust her guidance and appreciate her time. She’s one of the good ones! Love her.”

~ Robyn F.

“My experience has been so great. She was bang on with each family member that has come across. I have booked twice with her. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. If I need another reading then I will book again.”

~ Bernadine C.

“I had the pleasure of attending Keira’s class on “How to Connect with the Spirit World”, it was amazing!! Keira has such a warm and calming presence which made this class very nice and relaxing. The exercises she had us do were very well explained and she guided us through them all. She also allows for questions at the end of every exercise, which for me is very helpful. I am someone who is very new to meditating and connecting to the other side, with Keira she makes it so fun and easy to follow. I believe I have found Keira for a reason, the universe lead me to her. I look at her as a mentor now, she so wonderful!! I am looking forward to attending many more of her classes!! ”

~ Shannon McCormick

“Thank you, that was so amazing, dead on 100%! ”

~ Tony A

“ My mind is still blown away, and I am feeling incredibly blessed and grateful. Ande I KNOW and I FEEL my son every second of every day. Sending you so much love. ”

~ Maura J

“ I want to say thank you so much again for the reading! The message meant so much to me. I shared with my mom and aunt and it meant so much to her! ”

~ Michelle E

“ Hi Keira, Just want to share with you: after we finished our class, I started again — It was almost magical– he suddenly appeared, I got up from the bench, almost ran towards each other, hugged and kissed, I said love you he said love you too, were just standing hugging, Gosh this felt so real, that I am getting goose bumps writing about it. This isn’t any memory …. Also, this didn’t take long this time, each time gets a little easier. ”

~ Anonymous

“ This will make life so much easier to go through. He is my heart and soul.. I can’t thank you enough even for the experience today… Love, ”

~ Manisha

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